Jual Katrid string wound filter

Spesifikasi Produk Katrid string wound filter
Jual katrid string woud filter ukuran 10" dan 20" dengan micron size 1 - 200 micron.
Standard Features :
  • Standard Polypropylene with PP Core
  • Natural Cotton with PP Core, Tin Steel Core, SS304 Core, SS316 Core
  • Bleach Cotton with PP Core, Tin Steel Core, SS304 Core, SS316 Core
  • Wound with Activated Carbon PP Core
  • Micron size : 1 – 200 micron
  • Length : 10 – 60 inch
  • OD : 63mm ( 2.5")
PFI cartridges are available with Polypropylene, or Cotton materials wound onto Polypropylene, 304 stainless steel or tinned steel cores. The cartridges can be used (in one combination of materials or another) in most areas where chemical compatibility is of concern. Special materials are available for high temperature or unusually aggressive applications. Food grade product (FDA PP Fibre) is always available ex-stock. Activated carbon cartridges are available to remove unpleasant tastes and odors.
Polypropylene:  economical core of choice for most applications in water and corrosives to 200ºF.
Tin Plated Steel: General purpose metal core for oils, solvents,paints, and other non-FDA applications. For use to 400ºF.
304 Stainless Steel: For high temperature applications on diluted acids and moderately corrosive fluids. For use to 750ºF.
316 Stainless Steel: For high temperature applications on strong acids and highly corrosive fluids. For use to 750ºF.
Glass-filled nylon for strong acids and highly corrosive fluids when polypropylene is not compatible.

PFI-PP Standard Polypropylene String Wound
For concentrated acids and alkalies, strong oxidizing agents, and corrosive fluids and gases. Easily incinerated to trace ash. For use to 200º F

PFI-PD FDA Grade Polypropylene String Wound
Ideally suited for potable water, Pharmaceutical and Food Processing Applications.

PFI-NC Natural Cotton String Wound
For oils, water, paints, organic solvents, alcohols, and petroleum. Non-FDA applications. For use to 300º F.

PFI-BC Bleached Cotton String Wound
Bleached to meet FDA standards for distilled water, beverages, vegetable oils, petroleum, fatty acids, and alcohols. For use to 300º F. FDA approved.PFI-FG Fiberglass String Wound
Available in both standard and baked media. Baking removes all traces of oil sizing, yielding virgin glass fiber. For use to 750º F.

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